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If you are using social media sites to help you find a job check out these three things to avoid to ensure you maximise your chances of finding employment!

Posting Bad Pictures

Posting inappropriate photos on social media sites is a big no-no if you are trying to use the site to find employment. While it may be funny to do this on your personal page and share the photos amongst friends, it won’t give off the best impression to a potential employer! When using social media to find a job (whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) you should always remember that employers can easily land on your page and see what you are updating! In some cases, an employer (if they have received your resume for a job vacancy) may even go on your social profiles to take a look at your career background and activity before you attend the interview. If they stumble across pictures of you intoxicated at a friend’s party, they probably won’t be too impressed! Instead try to keep any image updates relevant to the industry.

Poor Grammar

Just like when you are resume writing, you should always ensure that your grammar and spelling is spotless on your social media pages. Constant updates with errors in them may make an employer feel that you don’t show much attention to detail. Re-read your posts before you activate them on your page!

Being a Troll

Sometimes the internet can be a harsh place and you may find yourself being subjected to ‘trolls’ every now and then. These are people that send rude and unnecessary updates – many celebrities find themselves subjected to these attacks. If you are using sites to find employment, always remember to avoid getting into unprofessional conversations with trolls and try to remain positive at all times!

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