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Part time work can be easier to find than a full time role so if you want to find a job quickly you may find yourself settling for something with less hours than you would like. However, once you accept a part time position you can always work towards securing a full time one in the same company and it can be easier to secure work once you are already in employment. If you want to turn your part time job into a full time one then check out these tips below:

Keep Your Resume Updated

Whilst working in your part time position it is important you keep your resume updated and consider writing a new resume. Not only will this enable you to keep your key skills and experience up to date, but it will also ensure your resume is ready to send out to any new jobs. Even if you are trying to secure a full time job in your current company, you may have to go through a hiring process so having your resume ready to apply is essential as it can speed up the application process.

Be Versatile

If you are trying to get noticed in the work place and want your boss to see you as a potential full time employee then you need to be versatile. Be open to taking on extra work and new projects and ensure you show that you can take on more work and stay late if necessary. You could even offer to work extra days to show the employer you are able to work full time hours. Doing this will demonstrate your passion for the company and should help you stand out from other applicants.

Let Your Boss Know

Most importantly, if you want a full time job you have to let your boss know. If you are working part time your boss may think this is all you are looking for so make them aware that you are happy to take on more work and more hours.

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