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A survey last year revealed that the number one mistake made during a job interview is failing to ask for the job.

So how do you make sure the employer knows you want the position? Check out these tips below to help you re-iterate your interest in the job.

Link Your Resume to the Job

One way to show just how interested you are in the job is to show the employer your past experience and relate it to the job you are applying to. If an employer can see that you have worked in the industry, have career progression plans and have experience working in similar roles then they are more likely to believe you really want the job. Highlight relevant work experience and include any achievements within the industry on your resume and cover letter.

Ask What the Next Step Is

At the end of the interview you can ask the employer what the next step in the process is. Will there be a second job interview? Will there be a group job interview? When does the position need to be filled by? By asking some of these questions you are automatically reiterating your interest in the position and it also enables you to have a clear idea of when you will hear back about the role.

Send a Follow Up Letter

After a job interview you should consider sending a follow up letter to demonstrate your passion for the job. If it has been a few weeks since the interview and you still haven’t heard back from the employer, then you should consider writing to them or emailing them to ask for an update. Not only will this enable you to get an answer, it will jog the employer’s memory and will demonstrate to them that you still want the job.

Tell Them

The most effective way to let the employer know how interested you are in the job is to tell them! After the interview, tell them how much you want the job as this may help them to make their decision.

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