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If you are about to start a new job you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

You have sent your resume template off to a company, been chosen for a job interview and been offered the job. The next step is to turn up to the office and start your new role which can be pretty daunting. So check out our tips below to help you make the right impression during your first day at work and to help calm your job nerves.

• Spend time picking out a work outfit that will make you feel confident. First impressions are crucial so ensure you choose something smart that will help you to stay comfortable and confident.
• Network with your colleagues and try and join in on work conversations. This will help you to feel at ease. There is nothing worse than feeling left out at work and the only person that can resolve this is you. So spend time getting to know your work mates and join in the discussion.
• A lot of companies will have lunch time meetings and social events. Try and join in with these as it will help you to keep updated with company news and will enable you to build rapport.
• Spend time getting to know where everything is in the office i.e. the toilets! This will help you to feel less like the new person.
• Live up to your resume by being dedicated and working hard on your first day. This will help you to make an impression and will ensure the employer is reminded of your skills and expertise.
• Ensure you interact with senior managers too to help you stand out.

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