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Many companies across the country now use technology systems to help them recruit their candidates. Recruitment systems, called applicant tracking systems, are designed to make a recruiters life easier by narrowing down online applications. But how do you make your resume impressive to a computer?

Computer software like this is usually used by larger companies who have to deal with lots of resumes. Just like other technological advancements in sectors like Retail, these tracking systems are designed to act as another member of staff, delivering only the best resumes to the employer and ultimately saving them time. Although the computer will initially test your resume template for obvious traits, your skills and expertise will still be assessed – so if you have the right experience and skills it’s likely your resume will be passed on to the employer.

What tweaks can you make to your resume to ensure it impresses an online system?

• Include keywords. This is essential for most kinds of online interaction. If you are using social media sites to network with industry contacts it’s likely your online bio has keywords from your chosen industry and you probably ‘tweet’ or mention industry news to be heard. This is similar when applying for a job via an online application. The software will be looking for key words relating to the job description, job title and responsibilities. In order to give your resume maximum exposure you should include a number of keywords to make it stand out.

• Concentrate on length. Just like a human, a computer won’t want to read pages and pages of text. This could even be identified as spam. Keep your resume length short and get to the point.

• Spelling. If you spell something wrong a computer won’t recognise the mistake, which actually isn’t a good thing! For instance, if you are applying for a Sales job and you say on your application that you have ‘good sles skills’ the computer won’t recognise this. Ensure you proof read your resume and cover letter before you submit it!

• Avoid including pictures. Pictures and symbols may confuse the system so instead keep your resume simple!

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