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You can’t always be at your desk, looking for jobs. It’s unrealistic to think that you can spend all day glued to your computer. You may need to travel somewhere, socialise or even attend a job interview. But it’s crucial that you keep your job hunt active, and there are a number of ways you can do that on the move.

• Travelling by train can allow you plenty of time to flick through job news and vacancies. Use your smartphone to browse the net for the latest news and bookmark anything that looks of interest.

• You should check your resume template every few days during a job search to keep it relevant and fresh. Spend time when you are travelling proof reading your resume and making any updates.

• Look out for industry newspapers or magazines during your commute – by scanning these you may find more vacancies than you did online.

• On your travels look out for any organisations you would like to work for and hand your resume in. This can be a very good way of looking for a job and meeting industry contacts.

• Local shops will have notice boards and many of these will have local vacancies so be sure to have a look when you are out.

• Listen out for any networking opportunities including industry conversations, and join in if you can.

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