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With the New Year finally here, many jobseekers will be dusting off their resumes and applying for a new job. If you are about to send your resume out to a new job too, then you’ll need to plan your job search to achieve success.

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Print out a copy of your resume and check through it for any grammatical errors. As it’s a New Year you should also consider giving your resume a makeover – ensure that all of your work experience is up to date, ensure that you have listed all of your key skills and update your career objective and personal statement if you feel it needs it. You are now ready to begin planning your job search. Write a list of the job roles you are looking for and narrow down the industry. For example, you could be looking to work in the sales industry and possible job titles could include Telesales, Recruitment or Car Sales. Whatever it is, you need to know what job role and industry you want to work in before you can begin to promote your resume. Once you have identified what jobs you are looking for you now need to check through your resume and include all of the skills you think an employer would find desirable and you need to identify what types of companies can offer you opportunities. Research companies and make a list.

Search Offline

Consider taking your resume with you on local job searches. You can visit employers face-to-face to give them your resume or you may even find out about other opportunities by speaking to local companies. Keep your job search in mind wherever you are as this should help you to increase your chances of securing employment.


Looking for jobs online can be very effective, seeing as most companies use the internet to promote their vacancies. Using the list you prepared earlier, search for companies online and on social networking sites. Visit their websites and find out what they are updating on their social feeds as this could lead to a job opportunity. You should also register your resume with recruitment agencies in your area to widen your job search and check job boards online for vacancies. If you haven’t got a presence on social media sites, ensure you sign up and start chatting to raise your industry profile.


Whether it’s networking at an event or social networking online, meeting people from your chosen industry is one of the best ways to find out about new job openings. If you are attending a local networking event ensure you take along copies of your resume and take away any business cards or contact details you feel may be valuable in the future. If you are networking online follow companies you are interested in working for and start making comments on news and get involved in discussions to be heard.

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