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Whether you have been in a company for a few weeks or years, there will no doubt come a point where you will want to share ideas. Letting your boss and colleagues know about new ideas you have will not only help you to stand out but it will also demonstrate your dedication to the company and you can also add any processes you have implemented to your next resume template. If you have some ideas but don’t quite know how to present them, follow this guide:


All good ideas need to be supported with a bit of evidence so you need to do your research on the area that you have an idea in. Think you have a new process to improve sales? Then find some figures that show how sales are currently performing and give an idea of how they can be improved by your process. Think a new customer service strategy needs to be implemented? Do your research on your current customer service to detail why you think there is room for change. Research your area extensively before attempting to pitch your ideas.

Arrange a Meeting

Arranging a meeting with the key people you need to pitch your idea to is essential if you want it to get approved. Speak to your line manager about your idea and ask if you can arrange a meeting with them to discuss it in more detail. They will be able to suggest other people who may find the meeting beneficial too.


Most pitches require a presentation so whether you are using a PowerPoint presentation or just standing with some notes, you need to ensure you have a presentation planned out. Use the research you have gathered to support your claims and if possible use images to illustrate your points further. (Graphs can help you to demonstrate statistics more effectively).

Follow Up

After you have pitched your idea you should follow it up with a thank you email and any notes you feel the group need to take away with them. Depending on what you discussed during your meeting you should set a time frame to follow up the points raised. If you haven’t heard back from your manager after a few weeks, you should follow it up and ask for any feedback on the meeting. Not only will this help you to gain a decision on your idea but (if your idea was rejected) it may help you to attain some valuable feedback for future meetings.

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