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If you are trying to update your resume, you may be wondering how to order the content. What should be at the top? And how much content should you include on it? Take a look at the check list below to help you organise your resume.

Contact Details

Your contact details should be at the top of your resume including your name, email address, location and phone number. This will make it easy for recruiters and employers to contact you and it’s important to include a location as the employer will know how far you will need to travel for the job.


You should include links to your social media sites and online career portfolio at the top of your resume (if you don’t have any, these are not essential). If you are working in online, you’ll probably have some links that can direct employers to previous work and help them connect with you on social media so consider including these as long as they are professional.

Personal Statement

The personal statement section of your resume is designed to give employers an insight into you as a candidate, what your key strengths are and where you want your career to progress to. Keep this section to a paragraph or less and try to make it relevant to the company you are applying to.

Key Skills

Listing your key skills in bullet points at the top of your resume makes it very easy for an employer to see what your expertise is and what skills you could bring to their company. List these in the order you feel is most relevant to the job.


Your education section should only be brief – listing your most recent qualification first. Simply list what schools you attended and the grades you achieved so an employer can quickly glance at your resume and find out if you have the relevant qualifications for the job.


Your most recent job should be at the top of your employment section as it is most relevant to your current skills and career path. Include a brief description of your responsibilities, job role and achievements in the role. Do this for the rest of your employment section and list your jobs in chronological order.


The achievements section allows you to demonstrate to the employer the impact you could have on their company. So whether it’s something you’ve worked on outside of work, a recent qualification you have gained or some figures detailing your success at work – ensure you show some of your biggest achievements.


You need at least two references on your resume and they should be included at the bottom of your resume. If you don’t want to include references then you can simply write ‘references available upon request’. The employer can then request the details of your references before they make an offer of employment.

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