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Whether it’s attending a meeting to find out about new work processes or attending a team building meeting, it’s crucial to make an impression in order to stand out and get noticed by senior members of staff. Standing out during a work meeting can help your career progression opportunities and can help to raise your profile. Here are some ways you can make an impression during a meeting:


Whatever your meeting is about you should prepare before you attend as this will ensure you feel organised and will also ensure that you can contribute to discussion topics. Look at the topic of the meeting and prepare by reading material, making preparation notes and by writing down any questions you feel may need answering.

Voice Ideas

During a meeting one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to voice your opinions. If you have any ideas for improvement or you simply want to clarify a point made in the meeting you should speak up. This will show your interaction and interest in the meeting and it should also help you to stand out from your colleagues.

Make Notes

Making notes in a meeting will demonstrate that you are engaged in the meeting and taking an interest in the topic. Take a notepad and pen into the meeting and make notes from the beginning on any issues or topics you may need to know about. After you have made these notes you can go one step further and write them up to email to others attending the meeting which should earn you extra points.

Make Suggestions

After the meeting you should be able to make some suggestions on issues raised. The meeting could have been based on a number of topics – new processes, company news and voicing ideas are just a few of the reasons you may be asked to attend a meeting. But whatever the subject you should be able to suggest some initiatives that can help the company’s efficiency and overall performance. Voicing suggestions will demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in the company’s performance and future.

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