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If you are currently looking for a job and feel your job search needs a bit of help then check out our tips below to help you improve your job search!

Look at Resumes

One great way of improving your job hunt is by looking at other resumes in your chosen industry. Looking at a free sample resume will help you to find out what is well received in your industry when it comes to resume writing. The sample resume may also give you some great ideas of layout, resume design and content.


Search for local networking events online and get networking! Take a copy of your resume to hand out to employers and spend time speaking with key contacts. This is a great way of expanding your job search and you may find out about new opportunities.

Work Experience

If you are struggling to find paid work, why not try doing some unpaid work experience, volunteering or interning? These add skills to your resume, give you some real on-the-job experience and can help you to meet future work contacts. Some unpaid positions turn into paid positions too.

Employment Agencies

If you have sent your resume to employers directly, exhausted your own networking skills and searched through local newspapers on job-day and are still finding it hard – why not send your resume to an employment agency? Agencies are designed to match employers with relevant candidates so it’s definitely worth setting up a meeting and taking your resume to an agency to expand your job hunt.

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