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If you have been to a few job interviews recently but haven’t had much success, here are some tips on how to improve your performance and hopefully gain a job offer…

Revise Your Resume

During a job interview most employers (although they will probably have a copy of your resume in front of them) will ask you to tell them about your work background. If you don’t know your resume content well, confuse the dates on your resume and can’t explain some of your key skills in more detail then the employer may be left feeling a little underwhelmed. To ensure you don’t do this during a job interview revise your resume before you attend and even consider writing a resume to help you absorb all of the information. Having a strong knowledge of your own resume is crucial.

Choose a Different Outfit

First impressions count during a job interview and if you’ve been wearing the same outfit over and over again with no luck then it could be time to choose a new one. If you have been wearing black and grey clothing consider choosing something brightly coloured as this will demonstrate your confidence and personality. Ensure you are dressing to suit the job role you are applying to.

Plan Your Journey

If you have been turning up to job interviews late then you aren’t giving yourself the best opportunity to make a positive impression. If you’re due to attend a job interview ensure you plan your route and allow for plenty of time to turn up.

Do More Research

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for candidates during a job interview is question time. Not knowing the answer to simple questions the employer asks you about their company or not being able to ask the employer questions about their organisation can really cost you points. It’s essential to do your research before a job interview if you want to maximise your chances of winning the job. Visit the company website and social feeds to find out their latest news and try to work this into your conversation to show you’ve done your research.

Ask for Feedback

If you have been struggling to make an impact during job interviews then one of the best things you can do is ask for employer feedback. Ask for positive criticism on your resume and job interview performance and this should hopefully help you to improve your overall performance.

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