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You may find yourself having to deal with a bad manager at some point in your career. Perhaps they don’t delegate work well, perhaps they are never around or perhaps you don’t get on with them. Either way you should try and tackle the problem as soon as possible. Career success and happiness is often hindered by bad working relationships so you should definitely address it. Follow our tips below to help you approach your boss.

Find the Problem

You should first sit down and make a list of any issues you have. This will help you to clarify the problems and also will help you to organise solutions during future meetings.


It is crucial that you make your manager aware of how you are feeling so call a meeting or arrange a time you can discuss the issues one-to-one. Doing this will allow you to voice your opinions and hopefully will help your manager to come up with solutions.

Talk to Staff

Are you the only one feeling this way? Or are other staff members being affected too? Ask friends and colleagues if they are feeling the same way to gauge how big an issue this is. If other members of staff are suffering with the same issues you should perhaps arrange a group meeting.

Discuss With Other Senior Staff Members

If your manager is not willing to listen to you or doesn’t seem very receptive to your issues you should consider approaching other senior members of staff from other departments to see if they can help. They may be able to use their authority or help you resolve the issue.

Next Step

Depending on the response from your manager you need to decide your next move. Will you stay at the company if your manager is still not communicating with you? If not it could be an opportunity to update your resume template and to look out for new roles.

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