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If you are looking for a job over the Christmas period, here are some ways you can get your resume noticed by employers!

Keep It New

If you are preparing to send your resume out this Christmas then it’s crucial you keep it up to date and relevant. To ensure your resume gets read this yuletide you should include all of your relevant work experience and skills. List all of the job roles and responsibilities in the work experience section, ensuring you list the most recent first. And read through each job description before you send out your resume as this will help you to personalise your application.

Be Flexible

At Christmas time many employers look for temporary staff or for people to work evenings and weekends. It’s one of the busiest times for many companies especially retailers and the service industry. If you are looking for work during this period then you should outline your flexibility and consider working on a temporary basis. Not only will this improve your chances of employment but temporary work can eventually lead to full time employment.

Write a Personalised Cover Letter

Employers can receive hundreds of resumes for every job advert they post so including a personalised cover letter with yours will help you to stand out from the crowd. Read the job description and the key responsibilities of the role and use your cover letter to explain why you can fulfil the job role and what skills you can bring to the organisation. You should also find out the name of the hiring manager and include their details on your cover letter as this will help you to get noticed.

Include References

At this time of year many companies look to hire candidates swiftly to help them keep up with the Christmas demand. If you include references on your resume not only will it instil confidence in the employer and support your resume content but it will hopefully speed up the hiring process (if you are successful at the job interview stage).

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