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how to get recgonised in the office

Whether you are aiming for a job promotion or looking to increase your salary, here are some tips to help you get recognition in the workplace.

Extra Effort

If you want to get recognised in the office for your hard work then going the extra mile every so often is crucial. Arriving early to work to get a head-start on a project, working through lunches to develop ideas and staying late to complete projects are all things that will be noticed by senior members of staff. You shouldn’t need to stay late every day if you are doing your job correctly as good time management will mean you get your work done during office hours. But occasionally putting in extra hours at work will demonstrate how committed you are to the job and will definitely help you to stand out from your colleagues.

Be Innovative

Most companies like to implement new strategies throughout the year – whether it’s something that will increase productivity in the office or an idea that will save money. If you are one of the employees that offer ideas and appear to be innovative, you’ll be noticed by your manager and the directors of the company. Offering ideas on ways to improve the company will demonstrate that you have a keen interest in the company’s development and that you want to progress with the organisation. Note down ideas that you have and ensure you voice them to key members of staff when you get the opportunity.

Arrange Meetings

One of the best ways to get noticed at work is by telling your manager about your achievements and projects you are working on. Your manager may not have noticed your extra work and may not be aware of what you are concentrating on so the best way to make them aware is by telling them! Organise meetings with your manager whenever you are able and keep them updated with your progress as this will ensure they are fully aware of the impact you are having on the organisation and it will help you to get recognised.

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