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Demonstrating you are a good team player in the work place can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Most employers look for candidates that have good team building skills because it can demonstrate that you are versatile, approachable and easy to work with. If you can show these skills it could also help you to secure career progression or a job promotion in the future. So how do you show your team building skills at work?

Take on Extra Work

Taking on extra work can prove that you are a good team player and that you have the best intentions for the company and its progression. Taking on extra work, asking your manager if there is anything you can do to contribute more and offering to share other peoples’ workloads will demonstrate that you want the best for your team too.

Build Rapport

Building rapport is essential if you want to show you are a good team player. If you don’t have a good working relationship with your colleagues, then you can’t be a good team player so spending time on building rapport is essential.

Regular Meetings

Organising and attending regular meetings with your colleagues can help you to pinpoint areas of work that need improving and can help you plan your career progression path. Organising meetings will show that you have progression and development plans and that you are ambitious which are very desirable skills for an employer. Try to attend regular meetings, know what your team is doing and ensure you are helping to develop the business.

Be Sociable

Being sociable and attending networking events, social events and team building events can demonstrate your commitment to both the company and your colleagues. Join in with any activities as this will help you to stand out at work.

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