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When you are writing your resume it is crucial that you consider the layout and design as well as the content. You could write the world’s best resume but if it is laid out poorly it is unlikely to attract an employer to look through it.

Depending on the industry or the job role, you might feel the need to change your resume design. That’s why looking at a resume sample can really help you to streamline your application. Look at a free resume sample to assess what resume is right for your industry and get some ideas on design and structure.

Firstly consider your use of images, whether it is including a picture of yourself or some work related pictures – like a career portfolio. Some industries, like the media, look for creativity in a resume. So if you are applying for a job in an industry like this it could be beneficial to make your application as creative as possible. Bright colours, images and examples of multimedia work can all help to enhance your application.

Looking at a free resume sample can also give you an indication of how to order your resume. Although it seems obvious to order your resume chronologically, this isn’t always the best way. For instance, if you are applying for an office based job and your most recent experience is in an outdoors position this might not reflect your experience in the best light. Perhaps instead, highlighting and placing relevant office work experience at the top of your resume could help you gain a job interview.

The layout of a resume is very dependent on the industry you want to work in. After all, there is no ‘universal’ resume layout. Employers are always looking for different things. So before sending off your resume – ensure you look at industry specific samples to get an idea of what is popular in your chosen sector. Then consider working on your own layout to help your application stand out.

As well as looking at samples for ideas of layout and creativity, try looking for ideas about content. Writing a compelling personal statement and career objective is vital if you want to get noticed. Writing these sections well will show the employer why you are interested in the role, why you want to work for the company and what skills and attributes you can bring to the organisation.

So before you rush into sending off your resume, consider looking at relevant samples as it could really boost your chances of finding employment.

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