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Now the New Year is here you should look at ways to brighten up your workspace!

Making some changes to your desk and office design can be a great way to start the New Year. It can help you feel fresh, inspired and motivated. Here are some ways you can update your office look!

Pin Up

Consider pinning up some inspirational pictures to help you feel motivated. Look at magazines to identify some pictures of outfits, designs, recipes or activities you want to try and put these on your work walls or desk. Having these around you will help you to feel inspired at work and will also brighten up the usual black/grey workspace. It can also help you to create goals and targets.


Colour is vital especially first thing in the morning. Bright colours can help cultivate a positive mood so whether it’s bright Post-it notes with to-do tasks on them or a bright ring-binder with your work projects in; try injecting a bit of colour!


Indoor plants are always a good way to liven up your desk. Pick one of your favourite plants and keep it on your desk and regularly water it to keep it maintained. If you’re worried about its upkeep or spend a lot of time on the road then consider getting an artificial plant.


Hobbies, family, friends… anything that makes you happy can brighten up your desk! So consider putting up photos of friends and family to make your desk a little bit like home.

Brightening up your office can help you to feel more creative and updating your resume can too. If you are looking to update your resume check out our online resume builder.

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