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If you have been invited to attend a group job interview here are some ways you can impress the employer…

What is a Group Interview?

A group job interview (or workshop interview) is where an employer will invite multiple candidates to the same job interview to test your skills and expertise. It differs quite dramatically to a normal job interview. You’ll be surrounded by other candidates, they usually last a full working day and although you may have the opportunity to speak to the employer directly you will usually be answering questions and showing your key skills in front of a group of people. Group interviews are designed to help the employer interview more efficiently. By interviewing a group of potential candidates at the same time the employer can whittle down their shortlist or even choose a candidate for the role much more efficiently.

How to Stand Out:

Because you’ll be openly competing against other candidates during a group job interview you have to work extra hard to get your points across and to get noticed. Here are some ways to make a positive impression:

• Take your resume along to the job interview. It doesn’t sound like much but an employer will be impressed if you have your resume to hand as it shows you are professional and organised. If other candidates don’t have theirs to hand it could also help you stand out from the crowd. During a group job interview there may be multiple interviewers so it’s always a good idea to have spare copies of your resume to hand out.

• Speak up. During a group job interview it’s a lot harder to be heard because there are more people to compete with. To ensure you get noticed you should speak out when you have an idea or an opinion. If you shy away and don’t create conversation then it’s unlikely the employer will remember you.

• Create conversation with the interviewer. This is vital if you want to be invited back for a second job interview. The interviewer will be assessing multiple performances on a group job interview day but you can definitely stand out from the crowd by creating conversation with them. Whether it’s during a break or talking to them at the beginning of the day, try to build rapport to improve your employment chances.

• Ask what happens next. At the end of the group job interview day you should ask the employer what happens next to not only find out the interview process, but to re-affirm your interest in the role.

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