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how to avoid stress at work

Whether you have been working in your job for years or are just embarking on a new career, work can sometimes be stressful. Whether it’s training at work to learn new processes, dealing with customers or organising meetings – stress can sometimes creep into your working day. A recent survey suggests that 40% of workers in the US feel their job is extremely stressful and 25% of people surveyed believe that work is the number one source of stress in their life. Check out these tips to help you avoid stress at work.


Getting plenty of sleep before a working day can really help you to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Waking up to your alarm to go to work can be tough enough but if you are doing it on only a few hours sleep you are more likely to feel disorganized and stressed. Not having enough rest usually leads to waking up late which can leave you rustling around for your keys before running out of the door and this can put you in a bad mood before you have even got to the office! Try to get a good sleep, set your alarm with plenty of time to get ready and you should feel more refreshed.

Eat Breakfast

People say it’s the most important meal of the day and that is certainly true when it comes to work. During a morning in the office you may be faced with dozens of emails and admin tasks and without food you could be left feeling distracted and unmotivated. Ensure you make a hearty breakfast and take healthy snacks to get you through a working day.


Organisation can help to reduce stress levels at work. If you are disorganised you are more likely to leave tasks to the last minute and be faced with looming deadlines which can make you feel stressed. Set a to-do-list and ensure you keep on track with your weekly tasks.

Take Regular Breaks

If you don’t take breaks your concentration levels can be affected as well as your stress levels. Ensure you take regular breaks and speak to colleagues if you feel you need some time out.

Discuss with Manager

If you are feeling very stressed at work then you should discuss this with your manager. Tell them how you are feeling and what tasks are causing you stress as this will help them to plan a new routine for you to improve your stress levels.

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