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how to avoid gaps in your resume

Having gaps in your resume is not ideal. Not only does it make your work history look disjointed but it could also lead to a number of questions during a job interview. Check out these tips to help you avoid gaps on your resume and to make it read as smooth as possible.


Working as an intern can help to boost your resume content and your experience. If you are finding it difficult to secure full time work then consider applying for internships to keep your resume current and up to date. Companies offer internships to candidates wanting to gain experience in a particular field or to candidates looking to gain an insight into a particular industry. The length of internship can vary – from weeks to months. Although you usually only have your expenses paid during an internship, they can provide valuable experience for your resume and can even lead to you meeting potential industry contacts.


If you are looking to take time out of your job but want to avoid a gap on your resume then you could try travelling and documenting your experience. Many candidates travel during a gap year or after education but many candidates also choose to take a career break and travel later in life. Not only will travelling lead to new experiences that could be valuable to your resume, but travelling also enables you to think about your career path and assess what you want in your next job.


Working for charity can be very rewarding and is a great way to gain extra experience if you are struggling to find full time employment and facing a gap in your resume. There are a variety of charities that look for volunteers in a variety of sectors. Whether it’s working on a receptionist desk, working in retail or volunteering at events – there are plenty of opportunities out there. Try sending off your resume template to charities you would like to get experience with and use your volunteering time to add content to your resume while applying for jobs.

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