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Halloween is upon us. But if you are planning on trick or treating all night and have job interviews coming up, then you could end up turning up to the interview looking like a zombie! If you are celebrating Halloween but want to stay fresh faced for an interview here are some tips.

Limit the Candy

Everyone loves a bit of candy during Halloween but if you have too much you could end up feeling like a zombie. Too much candy will make you feel tired and your energy levels will be up and down. Instead of munching candy all night long, give yourself a cut off time and stick to it. You should also try to eat fruit and vegetables the night before your job interview as these can help your motivation and concentration levels.

Get Sleep

Interrupted sleep will leave you resembling a zombie – rolling out of bed with wild hair and dribbling whilst you make your morning coffee. Not a nice look. To avoid waking up like a zombie ensure you get plenty of sleep and set your alarm clock with plenty of time to spare. Setting your alarm clock an hour before you need to get up will give you time to mentally prepare for your interview and will be a more relaxing start to the day.

Prepare Your Outfit

If you are planning on turning up to the office looking like a zombie (ripped t-shirt and bloody face included) then think again. An employer will want to see that you have made an effort and that you are dressed smart. This will demonstrate to them that you are serious about the job role and you are professional. Plan your outfit in advance and have it ready to go!

Plan Your Travel

Zombies aren’t good with commuting. They generally can be seen loitering around public places, with no real aim and moving very slowly. But if you want to impress an employer you need to get moving and turn up to the interview early. Plan your route in advance, know how you are going to get there and leave with plenty of time to spare.

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