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second job interview

If you have a second job interview coming up, check out these tips to help you impress the employer and secure the job.

Be Punctual

You obviously made a good impression in your first interview and it is crucial you keep the momentum going for your next interview. The employer will be expecting you to perform at the same level (if not higher) as your first interview, so you need to ensure you make an effort. Turning up on time to the interview will demonstrate that you are keen to progress to the next level and that you respect the employer’s time. It will also show them that you are reliable, especially if you were on time for your previous interview. Set your alarm clock and allow for plenty of time to get there.

Take Your Resume

Although the employer has already read through your resume and got to know your work experience in the first job interview, you should print off copies of your resume to take to the second job interview. Not only does this make you look organised, but it gives other members of the team and other interviewers the chance to read through your resume. The employer may be inviting other members of staff to sit in on this interview so it’s important to have copies of your resume on you in case they request it.


Your first interview would have given you the opportunity to tell the employer why you are the right candidate for the role, but your second interview gives you the opportunity to elaborate on your work experience. Use examples to support your resume and paint a picture for the employer. They will have invited you back for a second interview to really understand what you could bring to their organisation so supporting your resume with real life examples of work and scenarios will really help them to imagine what kind of impact you could have on their organisation.

Ask Questions

When hiring for a role, employers will spend hours interviewing candidates and asking questions. By asking your own questions and asking the employer about the company and the job, you will not only give them a break from interviewing but you’ll demonstrate that you are keen to work for the company. You probably asked a few questions during your first interview so before your second interview spend time preparing some new and creative questions. Look back at what you have already asked and elaborate. This will show that you have done your homework and will re-iterate to the employer how interested you are in the company.

Build Rapport

You have been invited back for a reason – the employer likes you but may want to find out a bit more about your career and experience or may want to introduce you to other members of staff. Although you should remain professional at all times, a second job interview gives you the chance to relax and to build rapport with the interviewers. Most companies look for people with a certain personality to fit in with their team so demonstrate your personality and show them how you can fit in with the company culture.

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