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If you are designing your resume and preparing to send it off to an employer then you have probably come across resume templates.

Resume templates can give you an insight into industry specific resumes and can help you to decide important resume decisions like design and content. So how can they help with a job interview?

Well picture this; an employer receives hundreds of resumes for a job application they have just posted. After sifting through the resumes the employer is none the wiser on who to invite to a job interview. They all look the same (black text and white paper) they all read in a similar format and the content is all very similar too. But then they come across another resume which is a slightly different colour than the rest and looks laid out professionally. The text is lined up in easy to read boxes and there is even a picture and a graphic on the resume. What do you think the employer will do? It’s likely they’ll call this candidate to ask them in for an interview.

This might not be the exact scenario for every job interview decision but it demonstrates that if you make your resume different and make it stand out from the rest you’re more likely to win a job interview. In this instance, the employer will be intrigued by the candidate’s creativity and flair.

The key point in securing a job interview is to grab the employer’s attention without giving away too much detail. You want them to have a glimpse into your working life, your experience in the industry and your career motivations and you want them to want to find out more.
By using resume templates you can analyse what resume style is popular in your chosen field and it can help you to decide on structure and layout. Firstly, consider the types of jobs you are applying for. Are they creative? Are they office based? What is the working environment like?

Asking yourself these questions will help you to identify the style and visual of your resume. If it’s a creative industry, you’ll probably want to use a bold and innovative template. The next question should be about content. What does this employer want to see in your personal statement? What work experience do you need to highlight as relevant to this position? And what career objective will they be looking for?

After you have asked yourself these questions you can then start sourcing resume templates relevant to your job role and start designing your unique resume. It’s crucial that you don’t copy any content you see – you need to keep your resume original. Also, while you might feel the need to elaborate some of your career history, ensure you are honest with your resume writing. Using a template you can then cut and paste your original content and begin to layout it out.

While they don’t guarantee a job interview, resume templates certainly help and can help you to make your application different from the rest.

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