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Securing a job can be tough but securing your dream job can be even tougher! One way of improving your chances of landing your ideal role is by asking for resume advice. We’ve listed below a few ways resume advice can build your job confidence and help to perfect your resume writing.

Ask People That Know You

Asking advice from people that you know, like friends and colleagues, is a great way of helping you to perfect your resume. These people know you very well and can help you to identify key personality traits that you should be highlighting. Your colleagues or ex-colleagues might also help to highlight some key projects you have worked on and help you to apply them to the job role you are applying to. Drafting your resume and then asking for input from those around you can improve your writing and could ultimately lead to securing more job interviews.

Use Samples

Resume samples are a great source of resume advice. They are examples of resumes from a variety of industries and can give you an idea of structure, layout and content. Consider spending some time Googling samples and see how your resume compares. You shouldn’t copy an existing sample – you need to make yours unique. Instead use resume samples to find out what is popular with employers and get some inspiration.


Networking with people in your industry is a great way of building contacts. Networking events happen all year round and many are industry specific. Before attending you should find out which networking events are going to be most beneficial to you. Then you should print out copies of your resume to take along and give to prospective employers. At the event you need to get involved and talk to as many people as possible. Ensure you look out for business cards and possible business contacts and talk to employers about what they like to see on a resume and in a candidate.


One of the biggest bits of resume advice you will come across is practice. Creating a perfect resume overnight doesn’t happen. It takes a lot of preparation and practice to perfect your resume and to highlight all of your key skills. You should always prepare a first draft – listing everything you think is relevant. After you have sought advice, visited networking events and looked at other resumes in your industry, you should revisit your own resume. Check spelling and grammar, check what job roles and skills you have mentioned, update your career objective and work on your personal statement. After all of this you should be ready to send off job applications and your resume should be in perfect shape for it!

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