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Assessing your salary regularly is a great idea to evaluate your worth in the market and your value to your company. If you don’t keep an eye on the industry rate, you could find that you are being underpaid in your position.

Depending on your work experience and qualifications, you should have an average salary bracket within your industry. It’s crucial that you are aware of this as it can help you to progress your career – here’s how to evaluate your value;

Meet Industry Contacts

Going to networking events can really help you to narrow down your industry worth. You will meet a variety of contacts, at a variety of levels and by simply talking to these individuals you should be able to decipher industry pay details. Try and be subtle.


Use the internet to find out more about your industry. A simple Google search will probably reveal some good information but you can also use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to network and to find out your industry value. You can also look for similar job vacancies to the one you are in to decipher what other companies are paying for the same role.

Work Experience

Look at your resume template and the roles you have worked in – has your salary increased? Is there a job on there that is similar to the one you are doing now? What was your ex-employer offering remuneration wise? These are all questions you should be asking.

If after all of this you feel you have been underpaid you should arrange a meeting with your boss to discuss your concerns.

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