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how to show motivation in a job interview

Demonstrating to an employer during a job interview that you are motivated is essential. Showing motivation can really help to improve your chances of being offered the job. Motivation is infectious, so during an interview if you are motivated, an employer will be too. Motivation also shows that you want the job and that you are interested in the company. So how can you show motivation in a job interview?

Turn Up on Time

It sounds simple but turning up on time or early to your job interview is one of the best ways to show an employer that you are motivated and you want the job. Plan your route to the office and ensure you arrive with time to spare. Not only will this demonstrate to an employer that you are motivated but it will make you feel more organised for the interview.

Do Your Homework

Doing your research before an interview is essential if you want to show an employer that you are a motivated candidate. If you turn up to the interview knowing very little about the company or the job role then the employer may think you are not that interested in the position. But to show your self-motivation visit the company website prior to the interview and make some notes on key aspects of the business and any information you think you could be asked in the interview. For more information read the importance of research before a job interview.

Know Names

If you want to go an extra mile, use your research of the company to find out names of people working there. Whether it’s finding out the name of the hiring manager, MD or receptionist – this personal touch could help you to stand out from other candidates.

Career Portfolio

There is no better way to show your motivation for the industry than showing the employer what you can do. Taking a copy of your career portfolio to a job interview will give the interviewer an opportunity to see your previous work and projects. This will really help to support what you say during the interview and will help the employer to visualise the results you could achieve within their company.

Write Notes

Writing notes during an interview will demonstrate that you are keen to learn and that you have a genuine interest in the organisation. Don’t make notes until the end of the interview as it will be too distracting when you are answering questions.

Ask Questions

Employers ask lots of questions during a job interview but not many candidates ask questions back. To show your motivation for the job and to engage during your interview ask the employer questions. Questions about the job role, team ethos, progression and company structure will show how keen you are to work with them.

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