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summer job

Whether you are about to have a break from college or you just want to try something new – there are plenty of diverse job roles to look for in the summer.

During the summer months there are often many varied job roles available – as businesses generally see more consumers and more demand during the warmer months. There are a number of job roles to choose from – from working outdoors to working in an office. If you’re struggling to decide which job you want to apply for, here are five summer jobs that are popular and that might give you some career inspiration:

Shop Assistant

Role: Many retail outlets require extra help during the summer months. As summer hits, more and more consumers head out to the shops and many schools and colleges break up for summer – meaning more people in malls! Shop Assistant roles can vary from store to store but most involve customer service and rapport building skills. The main role of a Shop Assistant is to help with the stores overall performance and efficiency and responsibilities can include serving customers, visiting stock rooms, tidying shop floors, organising products, product replenishment and selling.

Qualifications: It depends on the industry you want to work in but most roles require a basic education background and some work experience. If you haven’t gained previous work experience then volunteering or working as an intern can definitely help to boost your resume content.


Role: The great thing about this seasonal job is that you can do it almost anywhere. Working at a beach, working on a boat, working at a water park, working for your local gym…there are lots of opportunities when it comes to working as a Lifeguard. Most people associate being a Lifeguard with David Hasselhoff and Baywatch but in case you’ve never seen the programme, here are a few responsibilities to expect on the job: irregular hours, carrying out health and safety checks, monitoring customers and the general public, performing first aid when required and generally helping to save peoples’ lives!

Qualifications: You need certification from the Red Cross or another training program although some employers will offer in-house training. Passing a certification involves both physical and mental testing. The skills required to become a Lifeguard include paying attention to detail, being a good communicator and being dedicated to the job.


Role: These roles always come up over the summer months and are perfect for college students looking to make some extra cash before school starts. Whether you are working for a bar, hotel or restaurant your responsibilities will include serving customers, pouring and serving drinks, giving out drink and food information and prices, customer service and creating bills and receipts for customers.

Qualifications: Most businesses look for a basic set of qualifications from high school although some favour previous work experience.

Fast Food Chain

Role: Fast food chains all over the country will typically hire summer staff to help with customer demand – and a lot of these positions are weekend roles too. There are a number of job roles within this industry – including customer facing positions or behind the scenes roles. If you apply for a job at a fast food chain you could find yourself speaking to customers and taking orders, payment processing, serving food or making food.

Qualifications: High school education is mainly what employers look for and there are no set subjects you need to study to gain employment in this field – although an interest in food or cooking could be advantageous.

Camp America

Role: Camp America is one of the most popular summer jobs in the US. American families have been sending their children to summer camps for decades – and there are now over 12,000 summer camps across America. Camp America is the most well-known organisation for organising camp summer work for candidates – the company has been sending candidates to work in camps across the USA since 1969. There are a variety of camps throughout the USA so depending on the camp you attend your responsibilities could be quite varied. If you want a general role that involves a variety of work then becoming a Camp Counsellor could be for you. A Counsellor is responsible for ensuring activities run smoothly and for ensuring participation by getting involved in activities themselves. An Advanced Skills counsellor is someone that is trained in a specific area (i.e. archery, football) and they will be responsible for specific training and education in their sector. There are a variety of support roles available in summer camps too – from kitchen assistants and chefs to housekeepers and office roles.

Qualifications: This is dependent on the type of job role you are applying to. Visit the website to find out more.

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