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The Olympics 2012 have increased popularity of sport all over the globe. And there are millions of people that want to work in sport, whether it is hands on or research.

There are so many different careers you can have in the sports industry so the first step is to narrow done what kind of job you want to do. This will enable you to decide whether university or work experience is the right path for you. You should do some research on the role too – as you need to find out if you need specific qualifications, like a degree, and what the career progression is like.

Whatever job you choose you need to ensure your resume template is up to date and relevant. Here are some ideas of jobs you could do in the sport industry.

Physiotherapy: Working as a Physiotherapist means you can work at home, in a private clinic or in a hospital. It can be extremely rewarding too as the main role of a Physio is to work with patients to improve their mobility and general health. You could find yourself working with a variety of people too so if you are looking for a job that changes every day this could be for you. We interviewed Rokhsaneh Tehrany who works as a Physiotherapist to get her insight on the industry. Check out her interview to find out what it is like to work as a Physiotherapist.

Personal Trainer: Working as a Personal Trainer, you will spend time working with clients on a one-to-one basis to help improve their fitness. You can do this in a gym or run your own business so it can be a flexible career choice. Leanne Stone, a Personal Trainer, chatted to us recently about the role and shares some resume tips. Find out more about becoming a Personal Trainer.

Sports Journalism: Working in sports journalism can mean you work in sports but not necessarily hands on. There are a variety of roles you can work in in the media – print journalism, radio, television and online. Carly Warren works in sport as a Radio Journalist. Check out her interview for some career tips.

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