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During a job interview, facial expressions can be crucial in helping you to portray a positive image and personality to an employer. Interviews are all about first impressions and facial expressions and body language can give an employer an insight into you as an employee. So what facial expressions can help your chances of securing employment and which ones are frowned upon?


Frowning automatically gives off a negative vibe. Frowning not only looks negative but it can also appear confrontational – which is the last thing you want to portray in a job interview! If a question is posed that you don’t understand or the employer says something you don’t agree with try to keep your facial expressions neutral and ask for clarification if you need it. This will demonstrate to the employer that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Asking questions to clarify throughout the job interview will also help you to create conversation.

Raising Your Eyebrows

Being sarcastic in the work place is not a desirable trait and so it’s best to avoid raising your eyebrows during a job interview as it could suggest you aren’t taking the conversation seriously. Try to keep your facial expressions serious and open throughout your job interview to demonstrate your approachability.

Looking Bored

If you lose eye contact with the employer, roll your eyes or yawn then it’s unlikely you’ll be invited for a second interview. If an employer invites you to a job interview they need to know that you are not only the right person for the role and that you have the relevant experience, but that you want to do the job. During a job interview it’s essential that you show an employer your passion for their business and desire to work for them so smile, keep eye contact and maintain concentration throughout.

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