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If you are spending a lot of time on writing and creating a new resume, then it can be terribly frustrating if employers ignore your resume when it lands on their desk.

But this can happen – recruitment restraints, volume of applications and available time to read through resumes are all factors that could lead to an employer only skim-reading your resume or perhaps ignoring it all together.

When spending time on creating your resume and job hunting it’s essential you get over that first hurdle and ensure employers read through you entire document and offering. Here are a few ways to increase the chances of your resume being read and hopefully increase the chances of a job interview too:

Keep It Concise

One of the easiest ways to ensure your resume gets read is to keep it concise and to the point. Most employers don’t have a lot of spare time to read through resumes and to whittle down a shortlist pile. Instead, most employers allocate a specific amount of time to recruitment (usually only a few hours per role) and once this is reached they stop their recruitment drive. If you are sending out your resume and it spans over several ages then you are really hindering your chances of an employer reading it. That’s because for every one job they advertise, an employer will receive dozens of applications. After reading a few resumes an employer will probably begin to tire of it and will start trying to skim-read applications in order to try and pick the most relevant resumes out of the pile. If yours is pages and pages of text then an employer will find it difficult to pinpoint the key information and may even get tired of trying to read it. To avoid this you need to keep your resume concise – two pages or less is a good size resume. You should include catchy sections, like bullet pointing your achievements, to show an employer why you are the right candidate for them. If they can pick this information up whilst skim-reading your resume then it’s more likely you’ll be invited to a job interview.

Make It Relevant

If you want an employer to be engrossed in your resume whilst reading it then you really need to make it relevant to them. An employer will feel disengaged if they start reading a resume that has nothing to do with their company ethos or the job role they are advertising for. To personalise your resume ensure that you read the job description of the role you are applying to. Highlight the main responsibilities of the job and the main skills that are needed to successfully fulfil the role. Look at your own resume and work experience and start to pick out the experience you have that proves you can handle the responsibilities and the key skills you have that you think an employer would find valuable. Personalising your resume to the job description will help an employer to visualise the impact you could have on their company and it will hold their interest when reading your application.

Make It Interesting to Read

Your resume should excite an employer and make them want to read on and there are a variety of ways you can do that. Personalising your resume to the employer is one way of making your resume interesting. If you can include specific information about the job role you are applying for and why you want to work for the company throughout your resume and cover letter, then you’re more likely to impress an employer. You can also use the hobbies section to add a bit of character to your resume. Including your interests outside of work can not only make your resume more interesting to read but it can create rapport between you and a possible employer. If they share similar hobbies then this may well improve your conversation – if you progress to the interview stage.

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