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Resume Surgeon > Blog > Does University Improve Your Resume and Career Progression?

There are a variety of jobs out there that don’t require qualifications. Sometimes experience on your resume template is enough to secure you a role within an organisation. But some jobs do require specific qualifications like a degree. But with the costs constantly rising for university attendance, is it worth attending university or does it not add value to your career search?

Managing Director Craig Stovold thinks you can get your ideal job through hard work and dedication, “For me university was never an option as I didn’t want to move into a profession where it was a requirement to have a degree level qualification and I couldn’t justify three + years of study and debt accumulation just to continue a college lifestyle. I think with the new tuition fees more people are taking this kind of considered approach to university and unless it’s necessary for your dream job, like becoming a doctor for example, then I personally think you are better off getting out there into the big wide world of work. I’m not against education though – just because you stopped going to school doesn’t mean you should stop learning.”

Lois Avery, a Journalist in Singapore, graduated five years ago and doesn’t regret her time at university, “In my view, the life experience was worth the debt. But I’m not sure I would say the same today given the tuition fees. As much as I loved uni, I’d consider it more carefully if I were going to apply this year.”

High tuition fees may have put some people off but Jack Kazi has just completed high school and believes university can really help him to find his ideal job, “I had a very difficult decision to make whether to continue my education or find full time work as soon as possible. Recently I have decided that if you are looking to get anywhere in the IT web design industry you must progress to the next level in order to gain recognition from big companies. Although the financial aspect is a bit scary when you take a decent look at the options open to you, you discover that help is at hand.”

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