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Is it crucial to edit the length of your resume before you send it to an employer? Here are some reasons why you should concentrate on your resume length.

Too Short

Most people have too much information to include on their resume but others struggle to fill it with content and are left with a resume that barely fills a page. Although an employer won’t have much time to sit and read through pages and pages of text, they do need a fair amount of information to help them decide whether to invite you to a job interview. If you leave your resume too short an employer may struggle to pick out your key skills and your ability to fill the role. A resume that is too short may also demonstrate that you don’t have much experience in the industry and that you lack work experience. To make your resume longer consider applying for internships or work experience placements and writing about them on your resume, including any interesting information on travelling experiences or volunteering roles you have been involved with and elaborate on your hobbies. For more advice read our article on how to increase the length of your resume.

Too Long

Most employers will receive hundreds of resumes for every job advert they post. So with hundreds of resumes to read through, an employer will probably only spend a minute or less on each resume and job application. If your resume is concise it will grab the employer’s attention and make it easy for them to read and pick up your key skills. But if your resume is too long, it may be seen as waffling and the employer may get bored and simply move onto the next job application. Not only can making your resume too long affect the chances of it being read, but it can also disguise your relevant work experience and key skills. If your resume is over two pages long an employer may find it difficult to pinpoint your relevant work experience, key projects you have completed, your key qualifications and your career objective. To make your resume shorter try only including the jobs you feel are most relevant to the role you are applying to and try to shorten your personal statement and career objective. For more advice read our article on how to make your resume shorter.

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