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This year has seen some of the world’s best athletes take to the stage in London for the 2012 Olympics. We’ve seen a variety of athletes swoop the gold and stand out from the crowd. But how do you perform like this at work and stand out from your colleagues? We’ve got a few ideas below.

Be Determined

Working extra hours and going over and beyond your job description is one way of securing career progression and being recognised for your work. Hard work and dedication are obvious if you want to stand out – so be determined in your job.


Olympic athletes don’t get to win gold by playing ‘safe’. Instead they look for ways to show innovation and to beat their competition and so can you at work. Don’t be afraid to speak up about ideas – even if you think they might not work. Take on new projects and try launching new initiatives. As well as impressing your boss, it could help you to build extra content on your resume template.

Staying Power

If an Olympic runner doesn’t make it to the finish line in good time, they dust themselves off and try again. This is crucial at work if you want to progress. Try new things but if they don’t work, don’t give up. Instead have patience and determination and stick with your projects as this will show you have staying power.


Whether you want to gain promotion, stand out in your current role or gain attention from a new employer – it is vital you remain focused in your goals. Assess them regularly and try and find ways you can improve to ensure you gain the career progression you are looking for.

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