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Some people think it’s a necessity during a job interview whilst others think it’s unnecessary – but can a good career portfolio really help you to secure employment?

It Can Support Your Resume

Your career portfolio can support your resume writing and content, especially if you have listed your achievements on your resume. If you have listed on your resume that you were the top sales person in your last role or that you helped to organise an event, then your career portfolio can help you to demonstrate these skills. Use your portfolio to list statistics, images and customer quotes to support your experience. This can instil confidence in a prospective employer as they will be able to see your resume in action.

It Can Act as a Reference

Your references on your resume are vital because they give a prospective employer an opportunity to find out more about you as a candidate and to find out more about your expertise. If you want to add extra references to your application then why not use your career portfolio? You can include quotes from previous employers and customer testimonials in your career portfolio if you feel it’s appropriate to the industry you are applying to.

It Can Show an Employer the Impact You Could Have on Their Company

When an employer opens your resume and invites you to a job interview, they will want to find out what you can bring to their company. Your career portfolio gives you the ideal opportunity to bring your work experience to life. Including statistics, achievements, photos and testimonials throughout your career portfolio could help you to show an employer what impact you could have on their company.

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