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Whilst an employer probably won’t immediately look at the achievements section of your resume, it is a vital part as it can help to support your work experience and your industry expertise. By listing some achievements it not only adds credibility to your resume, but it can provide an interesting talking point during a job interview. So what achievements should you include?

Workplace Achievements

If you have achieved something in particular at work then this is the place to list it. You can include achievements in the work experience section of your resume when listing your previous roles, but it will make more of an impact if it’s highlighted in a separate section of your resume. Your work experience section should really be about your responsibilities and daily duties whereas the achievements section is your chance to promote your hard work. Think back on your previous roles and try to pick out achievements that you think the employer you are applying to would find interesting. Did you achieve a sales target? Did you gain a promotion? Did you help a colleague with a project? Whatever it may be, note it down.

Industry Achievements

If you have worked in a particular industry for a number of years then there is every chance you may have picked up industry awards or been recognised for your contribution to the industry. So if you have attended any industry events and achieved an award be sure to include it in the achievements section of your resume.

Personal Achievements

Adding a bit of personality to your resume can make it much more interesting to read and, if the interviewer shares a similar personal achievement to you, it can help you to build rapport during a job interview. So if you have a personal achievement you are proud of – whether it’s running a marathon for charity or achieving a qualification in your spare time – include it in your resume.

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