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Resume writing is one of the most important stages of the job hunting process. And one way of getting your resume in front of employers is by hosting it online. Online CV Writing

There are a variety of online sites you can go to – just by using a simple Google search you will be able to find hundreds of job search websites. Hosting your resume on one of these as well as sending it off to employers can have many advantages;

  • Lots of employers use online sites to find candidates so your resume will automatically be seen by more employers
  • Recruitment agencies scour the internet for relevant applicants
  • Your resume is more visible
  • You can use these jobsites to search for possible vacancies and submit your resume instantly

Here are a few tips if you’re considering hosting your resume template online;

  • Ensure your resume is up to date including any recent work experience
  • Do your research. Look into each website and try and determine which one is right for you. It’s better to choose one website which has good traffic than to send your resume off to several smaller websites. Don’t dilute your resume by sending it to lots of places.
  • Find out what recruitment companies use which website – this can help if there is a specialist recruitment company you want to contact.
  • Include an online biography/cover letter. Like any job application it’s good to have a bit of information on there about yourself. Even if it’s a simple introduction and letting them know you are interested in networking and opportunities.
  • Don’t forget about your resume. Hosting it online makes it harder to remember to keep it fresh and updated but this is crucial. Ensure you log in and edit the details when you need to.
  • Include keywords. Keywords (such as industry, industry terms, and preferred job role) will help your resume to be picked up by search engines.

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