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One of the most important things to include on your resume when you are sending it to an employer is your ability to do the job and the skills you have that are relevant to the position. So how do you write the skills section of your resume and what should you include?

Interview Tips

Why Skills Are Important

Showcasing your key skills when you are writing a resume is crucial because it demonstrates to the employer that you are capable of doing the job and that you have the relevant skills to excel in the role. Most employers will list a set of desirable skills for each job advert they post. These are the skills that they would really like to see in a candidate and the skills that they believe will help a candidate to excel in the job and to develop the role. They will also list a set of essential skills. These are the skills that a candidate must have to fulfil the job specification. If you ignore the skills section of your resume and don’t include what skills you have, the employer will probably assume you don’t have the relevant experience and won’t invite you to a job interview. The skills section of your resume is very important as it could increase your chances of securing a job interview and eventually employment.


To highlight your skills you should list them on your resume as it will make them highly visible. Not only will listing your skills enable you to check you have included them all but it will also enable the employer to read through your resume briefly and to identify whether you have the right skill set for the job.

Link it to Work Experience

After you have listed your key skills you should consider elaborating on them in your cover letter or in the work experience section of your resume. When an employer is reading your resume they will be looking for the relevant skills and how you have applied them in the work place. By linking your skills to your work experience and using examples of when you have used them on the job, you are demonstrating to the employer your knowledge and experience and it will also allow the employer to visualise the impact you could have on their company. If you list ‘customer service’ as one of your key skills, don’t just say it – use your cover letter or other parts of your resume to detail an example of when you helped a customer and what this meant for the organisation you were a part of. Mentioning examples like this will make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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