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If you are applying for a sales job and writing your resume then check out these tips to help you personalise your application and secure a job interview.


Resume Advice and Tips

Previous Experience

When writing a resume and applying for a sales job it’s crucial you demonstrate that you have previous work experience. Employers will normally receive hundreds of applications for every job advert they post so to make yours worth reading you should list down your previous work experience including job titles and responsibilities. If an employer can see that you have worked in the industry then they are more likely to invite you to a job interview to find out more.


Statistics on your resume and cover letter are vital because they will demonstrate to the employer that you can successfully perform in the job and that you can provide results. If you have worked on a big project in the past and had to establish new customers, talk about this in your cover letter. If you have earned a certain amount of commission at another company or earned a company a certain amount of sales then talk about it in the work experience section of your resume. This will instil confidence in the employer that you can do the job and will demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Rapport Building

Rapport building is a required skill for most sales positions as it enables you to attract new customers and build new business. If you are applying for a sales job then you should detail rapport building as one of your key skills on your resume.


The hobbies section of your resume can really help to enhance your job application and resume when applying for a sales job. An employer will be looking at your hobbies to establish whether you will fit in with the company culture and also to establish how passionate you are about sales. Highlighting activities that demonstrate your rapport building and business development skills should help you stand out from the other candidates applying for the job.

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