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If you are preparing to write your resume and send it out to employers you’ll know it’s imperative that you avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. But why? Here are some reasons why you should never send out your resume before you spell check it!

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No Effort

Sending out your resume with spelling mistakes could lead the employer to think you have rushed the application process. If an employer receives your resume and it is littered with spelling mistakes they will think you haven’t put much effort into it and that you don’t pay much attention to detail. Your resume is the first impression an employer will get of you so it needs to be a positive one!


With the job market in the US as competitive as ever it’s likely that your job application won’t be the only one the employer receives. Employers usually receive hundreds of resumes and applications for every job posting they list and so it’s crucial that you make yours stand out, for the right reasons. Poor grammar and spelling may actually make the employer skip past your resume and read the next so it is vital you check for mistakes before you send it.

Looks Bad

Good layout and resume templates are not the only ways to make your resume look good. Good spelling and grammar and using the occasional piece of jargon will demonstrate your expertise to the employer and will demonstrate your knowledge of the industry. If you don’t use technical language and use poor spelling then it will make your resume look bad and unattractive to read.

Tough to Read

Although there are lots of other reasons why you should never send your resume out with spelling mistakes, the most obvious reason is that it makes it difficult to read and make sense of. Spelling mistakes can give your resume content a different meaning to what you intended and it can be a struggle to read. You need to ensure your resume is both interesting and easy to read in order to grab the employer’s attention.

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