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Resume writing is a crucial part of the job application process. Some candidates take a minimal amount of time to write their resume as they are desperate to get it sent to an employer. But taking your time and perfecting your resume is vital to success.

Writing a CV

If you rush a job application and send your resume without thinking it could damage your chances of finding a job. Considering the current economic climate, there is fierce competition in most industries so spending time to make your resume stand out from the rest is very worthwhile.

Here are a few reasons why writing a good resume is vital:

  • It promotes you! Your resume is a glimpse of who you are, so why would you want people to get the wrong idea? Your resume is a part of you so it deserves some time and attention.
  • Networking can be boosted with a good resume. If your resume stands out from the rest an employer is more likely to speak to people in their industry about you.
  • You can achieve your dream job. By spending time perfecting your resume you stand a better chance of landing your dream job, especially if you include all relevant work experience.
  • It opens up referral job applications. If an employer likes your resume but doesn’t have any suitable vacancies they are likely to recommend you for other job openings.
  • A good resume will compliment your cover letter writing and make your overall application stronger.

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