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Most resume templates you see will have a space for references. So why are they so important?

Resume Advice and Tips

References Add Credibility

References on your resume can add credibility to both your resume content and cover letter. When applying for a job, you’ll need to outline why you think you are the right candidate for the role. This will probably include drawing on your past experience, detailing projects you have worked on and listing qualifications. Listing references on your resume will add credibility to your claims and support your resume content because they will give the interviewer the chance to speak to your past employers and to verify what you have quoted in your application.

Instil Trust

When hiring for a new position an employer will be looking for a candidate that they can trust. Turning up to work on time, completing projects to the best of your ability and working well in a team are all traits that employers look for. Your references can help you to build trust with your potential employer by supporting these traits.  You can ask your ex- employers to supply quotes about your timekeeping, appearance and rapport building skills and include these in your job application if you want to add extra weight to it.

Demonstrates Your Expertise

References on your resume can further demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of your industry. Although your resume may be full of relevant work experience, skills and qualifications – your references can really help to elaborate on these. Including references on your resume will also give it more character and can help you to stand out from the crowd. Your referees will be able to elaborate on your previous experience and will be able to give an insight into your previous jobs and tell the prospective employer how you made a difference within the role. This will be incredibly beneficial when it comes to trying to show your prospective employer what kind of impact you could have on their business as it will help them to visualise you in the workplace.


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