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When you are writing a resume there are a number of things you should include but there are also a number of things you should leave out! Here are a few:

Resume Advice and Tips


You should try to avoid giving any details of previous sickness at work on your resume or cover letter. An employer is likely to ask this at the final stages of the interview process. If your attendance level has been poor it’s best to explain this in person as putting numbers down on your resume may give off the wrong impression.

Lack of Confidence

If you aren’t particularly confident with a certain piece of software or with mixing with new people, don’t let this show on your resume. While it’s crucial not to lie on your resume (if the job requires you to know a certain piece of software and you don’t, fess up) it’s also crucial to show all of your strongest points. Detailing your lack of confidence on your resume may make the employer feel that you may not fit into the team or that you may need extensive training. Instead highlight your key skills and strengths and make these the focal point of your resume.

Lack of Direction

You may not have an exact career path that you want to follow and you may not know where you want to be in five years, but you should try to avoid letting the employer know this. Considering the amount of resumes most employers receive, they will choose candidates that are not only right for the role – but candidates they can see fitting in with the future of the company. Ambition is very attractive to employers so try to include your ambition and passion for the industry in your resume.

Poor Knowledge

If you’re not particularly knowledgeable about the company you are applying to or the industry you want to work in, keep this hidden from your resume! The employer will only invite you to the interview if they feel you have enough knowledge to succeed in the role so ensure you brush up before the interview and demonstrate your knowledge in your application.

No Versatility

One of the most attractive qualities in candidates is versatility. An employer will usually be more inclined to hire you if they feel you can fit into multiple departments within the company and that you can be moulded. Try to show your versatility by including previous work experience and any work projects you may have completed. You can include quotes from previous employers about your versatility and place them throughout the resume for extra impact.

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