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Video resumes are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to writing a resume you can now present your work experience to a camera for up to two minutes and send it directly to an employer. So what are the dos and don’ts of a video resume?

Interview Tips


  • Dress smart. You should treat a video resume like a job interview. The interviewer will probably judge you on first impressions so it’s vital that you look professional in order to gain a job interview.
  • Pronounce. Pronouncing words and avoiding slang is important because not only does it demonstrate you are professional, but it will help the employer to understand you on camera. If you are quiet and muffle your words they may switch off.
  • Describe your key skills. Just like on a resume template, your video resume should outline your key skills and why you are the right person for the job. You only have a few minutes to make an impact so ensure you highlight any previous achievements and relevant work experience.
  • Research the company. Know what the role you are applying for requires and what the company ethos is like and try to show this research during your video.
  • Leave contact details. Whether it’s saying your email address, work social account or online portfolio – you should let the employer know how to contact you!


  • Dress inappropriately. Research the company dress code and ensure you dress to impress. An interviewer will invite you to interview off the back of this video so it is vital you look professional.
  • Refer to yourself in the third person. This is just annoying!
  • Look bored. Facial expressions and body language will demonstrate to the interviewer whether you are interested in the company or not so remain upbeat and avoid negative body language like crossing your arms.
  • Look at the floor. Eye contact is crucial during a video resume.
  • Forget to attach a cover letter. If an employer is open to video resumes you should also write a cover letter. They may want to read through content while watching the video and it will give you an opportunity to elaborate on things you don’t have time to on the video resume.

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