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Check out our top five words to use on your resume and why they may help you to gain a job interview:


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Although determined is a word many people use on their resume and cover letter, it’s one that employers look out for and want to see in a candidate. Telling the employer you are determined on your resume will not only show them that you could be a trustworthy employee but it also demonstrates that you can commit to the job and develop the role. As well as listing the word on your resume, you should support the fact that you are determined by using previous examples of work. You can include statistics or scenarios throughout the work experience of your resume to show an employer how determined you are and try to share some successful projects you have worked on.


Versatility is a key trait that many employers look for. Showing an employer that you are versatile will mean they can visualise you working in different departments and it shows that you can adapt to any task given to you.


Employers don’t usually want to hire candidates that don’t want to stay in the business for long. Usually employers will be hiring someone because there is a problem within the business i.e. too much work and they need someone to fill the position and solve the problem. Therefore it’s unlikely they are going to want to go through the recruitment process shortly after you join the company. So including the fact that you are dedicated on your resume will instil a sense of trust within the employer and will reassure them that you will be dedicated to the job and the company.


Enthusiasm is a key trait to show on your resume. An employer will be looking for someone to develop the job role they are advertising and to make an impact within the business so showing you are enthusiastic will automatically show that you have a lot of energy and can make things happen.


Whether it’s rapport building with colleagues or rapport building with clients, developing relationships is crucial within a job role. By demonstrating on your resume that you are approachable, you are showing that you can communicate effectively with both colleagues and customers. If an employer can see you are approachable it will instil confidence in them and demonstrate that you can potentially build business and you have good customer service skills.

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