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Every so often you may find yourself needing to update or re-write your resume. Here are three reasons why you may need to rethink your resume in order to secure employment.

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New Experience

If you have gained new experience, whether it to be professional or in your spare time, then you should definitely re-write your resume to reflect this. Lots of candidates keep applying for jobs with their old resume despite gaining more work experience or taking part in an event relevant to the industry they are applying to. Not including your most up to date experience can seriously hinder your chances of securing a job interview. If you gain work experience, work an internship, volunteer for charity or work on an event relevant to your career path – then ensure you include it on your resume!

Change of Direction

At some point in your career you may find that you have a change of direction. It could be that you want to work in a different industry or that you want to pursue a different job role. Either way if you are applying for a different job then you need to tailor your resume and make it relevant to the role. If there is a particular industry you want to work in but have not got much experience on your resume then you will need to revisit your resume and highlight all of the applicable key skills. You may also have to consider gaining some extra work experience and including this on your resume before you apply for a job.


Every time you apply for a new position you should consider rewriting your resume. If you send an employer a generic resume with no relevant personal statement and with very little relevant work experience then they are not likely to read it thoroughly. Instead try to personalise your resume by writing a career objective that fits with the industry, writing a personal statement and personalising it to the employer and include relevant work experience at the top of your resume so it’s the first thing the employer reads.

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