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Many people, when writing a resume, are indecisive when it comes to the hobbies section of a resume. Some candidates believe it’s not essential while others believe it adds personality to the job application. So who is right? We have weighed up the pros and cons of including a hobbies section below.


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  • Can demonstrate skills. The hobbies section of your resume can actually be used to demonstrate your key skills and support your claims throughout your resume. For example, if in your resume you focus on your career as a Journalist – your skills and passion for the industry can be further highlighted in your hobbies section. It could be a blog, a video channel or a website that you contribute to in your spare time. If you mention this it will show the employer that you enjoy this work (even unpaid) and this will demonstrate your passion and commitment to the industry.
  • Shows personality. Your resume needs to be professional at all times but your hobbies allow you to be more personal. The hobbies section can give an employer an idea of what personality you have and what kind of person you are and this could help them to imagine what you would be like working in the team,.
  • Creates conversation. Sometimes job interviews can be awkward but the hobbies section of your resume can actually create conversation. You can elaborate on your interests and it may even by something that the employer can relate to.


  • Unrelated to the job role. If you list hobbies that are completely unrelated to the industry or job role then it may not grab the employer’s attention.
  • Could be seen as ‘babbling’. If you list a huge amount of hobbies on your resume and don’t include key content like key skills and work experience, the employer may see this as babbling on your resume and may question your expertise.
  • Doesn’t fit with company ethos. If you want to work in Sports Therapy and then mention in your hobbies that you dislike any kind of sport… you see where we are going with this? Sometimes the hobbies section can be quite conflicting and may lead to awkward questions during a job interview.

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