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When applying for a job you’ll no doubt battle with the length of your resume as this is a problem for many candidates looking for employment. With work experience, skills and your expertise to outline all in one document it can be tough to keep the length to two pages or less.


Resume Tips

For those that struggle with resume length, there is always the temptation to leave sections out. Suddenly the key skills section can be left out, the education section can be shortened and the hobbies section is sometimes cut out completely. But when writing your resume you should try to leave as much information in as possible. By including sections like hobbies the employer reading your resume will have a much more rounded view of you as a candidate and will be able to visualise what kind of employee you would be.

If you are editing your resume you should also try to include the achievements section. Although this might be one of the first sections you think about cutting, it can be beneficial to your overall resume and here’s why:

It Gives a Snapshot of Your Career to Date

Your achievements will normally be a concise section – a few bullet points including both career achievements and personal achievements that you are proud of. And this can be incredibly powerful on a resume. Firstly, as this section is so concise, it’s one of the easiest ways for an employer to pick up information about your expertise. A quick glance at the achievements section will show an employer what you are capable of in the work place and what you specialise in. It will also give them an idea of your personality too. If you include personal achievements, like running a half marathon, an employer will have a better idea about you as a candidate which can help them to decide whether you would be a good fit for their team. This section is one of the best ways to hook an employer in – if they like the sound of your achievements, they are more likely to read your entire resume.

It Shows an Employer What You Can Bring to Their Company

When hiring for a vacancy an employer will always have in mind what they are looking for. Whether they are looking for someone to bring in more sales, generate new customers or improve their customer service – they will always think about this when reading a resume. If you can personalise your achievements to an employer’s specifications then your chances of being invited to a job interview greatly improve as an employer will be able to visualise the impact you could have on their organisation. For instance, if an employer is hiring for a Customer Service Manager they will probably be looking for someone to build rapport with their customers and improve customer retention. If you include achievements that reflect your customer service – like an award you have gained or a particular customer story – then the employer will be able to see the impact you could have on their business.

It Demonstrates Your Passion for the Industry

If you write down your achievements then you are demonstrating that you are proud of them and you are passionate about your industry. Employers are always looking for candidates to show passion and dedication on a resume as it suggests that the candidate will be dedicated to the job – so by including your achievements on your resume you’re already displaying your passion and commitment to the industry which can only be a good thing!  

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