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If you are looking to apply for a new job then you’ll know one of the first things you’ll need to do is to revisit your resume template and update it with new content. But sometimes this can be difficult. A lack of inspiration or direction could leave you feeling stuck for words. One way to improve your resume writing is to speak to an ex-colleague (or current colleague if you don’t mind them knowing you’re job hunting). Find out why a colleague could help you to improve your resume and job interview chances below.

Resume Advice and Tips


Sitting down with a colleague to discuss your resume can be a great way of improving your resume content. Your colleague can offer invaluable opinions on resume layout, design and content and can also give an impartial view. If you show your resume to a friend, they may not be as honest with you about possible improvements because they might be trying to be polite. A colleague however can offer more of an honest and professional opinion and this could help you to make essential improvements.

Bring Up Projects

Colleagues have been there with you through work projects and successes and so if there are any missing on your resume or if there’s something they feel should be included, they can remind you. Ask your colleague to look through your job description and to offer advice on key words.  As they work in the same industry as you they may be able to give you some feedback on skills, key words and experience you can add.


Talking to a colleague about your resume can also lead to them becoming a reference. References are a vital part of a resume as they provide the employer with contact details of people who can comment on your professional work and behaviour. An ex-colleague is an ideal candidate for this! You could also ask your colleague for quotes about your work and you could include this in your career portfolio or throughout your application to further support your resume.

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