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The education section of your resume can really help to boost your job interview chances and improve your resume content.

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Why Education Is Important on a Resume

Education is important when you are applying for a position because it will demonstrate to the employer whether or not you have the skill set and qualifications to succeed in the role. Many employers when advertising a vacancy will ask for a specific qualification and when they receive applications they will look at the education section of the resume first. If you don’t include the relevant qualification then it’s likely that you’re application will not be successful. Not only will adding qualifications on your resume improve your chances of an employer reading your entire resume and hopefully improve your chances of securing a job, but it can also give an insight into your expertise. If you have high grades in subjects like English then the employer will assume you are good with words and are a creative individual. If these are traits the employer is looking for, they’ll probably want to meet you and find out more so it’s worth investing time in writing your education on your resume.

What Should You Include

Your resume should include any relevant qualifications and any qualifications that you feel would be needed in the role you are applying for. You should date back to your high school grades and include any other recent grades from college. When you are writing the education section you should include your most recent qualification at the top and write the rest in chronological order. Try to include the name of the school you attended, subject studied and the grades you achieved.

You could also consider including qualifications that you are working on but have not received a grade for – simply list ‘pending’ next to the grade status. Including this will show the employer that you are ambitious and potentially well qualified for a job role in the future.

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